A blossoming herbal apothecary

We have been nourishing whole health, whole home and whole community since 1991. 

Dancing Willow Herbs is an independent woman-owned herbal apothecary nestled in the beautiful Animas Valley of Durango, Colorado. We offer the finest selections of ethically wildcrafted and organically grown herbs and herbal products in the Southwest region. We are committed to providing herbal preparations of the highest quality, with an emphasis on indigenous plants of the Southwest. Whenever possible, our herbs are harvested locally. We make all of our Dancing Willow Herbs products in our laboratory, located in the back of our downtown Durango shop. Debra Swanson, founder and owner of Dancing Willow Herbs, has been a clinical herbalist since 1991.


Is to inspire whole health, whole home, and whole community by being a resource for learning and sharing knowledge to promote overall vitality. 


Dancing Willow Herbs strives to provide products made: Handcrafted, Fair Trade and Local (whenever possible), Ethically Wildcrafted or Certified Organic, Cruelty-Free, and from the heart - no exception!


PURE It’s simple - we strive to provide the most simple, basic forms of pure botanical ingredients. There is no reason for us to add lab-tested ingredients when we trust the brilliance of Mother Nature.
LOCAL We are a proud business member of Local First. This means that every action always looks local first. This value is in line with our principle of sustainability and integrity. 


GENTLENESS Unlike harsh chemicals, herbal medicine is not limited to removing only a fraction of an herb’s healing potential. We use our herbs in their full form because we believe the whole herb is essential. Whereas chemical drugs alter biological components to force a quick, but often toxic and stressful, effect on the body, herbal medicine goes to the mechanism of sustaining healthy organ function, gently stimulating a function that’s naturally how your body performs. Our millennia-old tradition is empirically proven and environmentally sound.
SUSTAINABILITY We are known as picky, but it’s our slavish devotion to sound environmental practices that is part of why we love what we do. We feel good about working with only organic farms around Colorado because we know where our herbs are coming from. Additionally, we do not take more than what we need, and we strive tremendously to nourish the environment and our community through our work. The result? A better, more potent product that we feel represents our environmental philosophy of sustainability.
STRENGTH Our passion for what we do enforces our commitment to the details. Our medicinal formulas are created with extensive knowledge and an unrelenting attention, informed by scientific and empirical knowledge of how herbal interactions work synergistically. We only use small batches, taking our time to ensure strength and potency of all of our tinctures, salves, and other healing products. As well, there is an exchange between our herbalists and our products that transcends a list of ingredients. We put such a tremendous amount of energy and love into creating ethical, potent, and pure herbal medicines using consistently high standards, we think some of that power must go into each tincture or salve we make. We are sure you will feel that, too.
INTEGRITY All of our herbalists and apprentices are trained professionals and hand-picked for their abilities to listen carefully, work passionately, ethically, and think creatively. We test and re-test our products, creating small batches to ensure high quality, and using only organic farms with outstanding reputations. Our standards are among the highest in the industry.

Please call Dancing Willow Herbs with any questions about products, ordering or purchasing at 1-970-247-1654.

We're Open Monday–Saturday 10 a.m.–6 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m.–5 p.m.