Homeopathics Emotional Well Being First Aid Kit - Dancing Willow Herbs homeopathic - herbal formulas

Homeopathics Emotional Well Being First Aid Kit

$ 47.50 USD

 You will receive all 5 remedies in this first aid kit!

Homeopathics by Boiron 
Pulsatilla 30C
Cimicifuga racemosa 30c
Natrum muriaticum 30c
Arsenicum album 30C
Ignatia amara 30C
Pulsatilla:    Mild, Timid, Emotional, Cries easily, Craves sympathy, Changeable mood. Fears abandonment, Better with cool fresh air and gentle movement, thirstless.
Nattrum muriatrum:  Grief, Disappointment in love, Depressed introverted, Fear of being rejected or hurt emotionaly.
Ignatia:  Ailments from grief, fright, disappointment in love, idealistic, Lots of sighing, oversensitive and nervous. Constantly frustrated, Does not like consolation, Internal conflict with self.
Cimicifuga: A sense of gloom and dejection as if a black cloud over everything. Can come on suddenly
Arsenicum album:  All prevailing anxiety, exhaustion and restlessness. Very fastidious, likes things just so, fear of death and illness. Craves ice cold water. 
Homeopathic instructions.
Dispense into lid, do not touch pellets 
Dissolve 5 pellets under the tongue
Take away from food and drink for 15 minutes before and after .
May be taken unto 3x daily or as needed