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Herbs for Springtime- Online Class

Do you struggle with seasonal allergies, sluggishness, hormonal imbalance, skin or digestive issues? Learn about the best herbs for spring cleansing and liver detoxification from a unique clinical herbalist perspective.

If you feel like your body needs a reset from the long winter, this class is for you. With all of the tangible tools that you need to feel your very best this spring season, you will learn how to support your liver health & cleanse in a way that is safe and highly effective with the help of herbs, foods & lifestyle practices. 

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"Dancing Willow has exceptional classes and the shop has such a vast array of the highest quality herbs....My FAVORITE store in Durango!" -Ann

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Dandelion Monograph

Dandelion Monograph

Dandelion is a beacon of springtime. Not only because it is one of the first plants to deliver bright sunny flowers, but because its medicinal qualities are excellently suited for this season of transition and cleansing. Learn more about Dandelion's medicinal properties and much more in this comprehensive herbal monograph.

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Ancestral Herbs of the British Isles

Ancestral Herbs of the British Isles

Why you should learn about the plants your ancestors used, 4 of my favorite ancestral herbs from Scotland, England & Ireland & info on our upcoming retreat in Cornwall, England! Hint: you will learn about the history of use and medicinal properties of Nettle, Hawthorn, Meadowsweet & Oat.

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An Herbalist's Guide to Burnout

An Herbalist's Guide to Burnout

An herbal guide to navigating burnout & adrenal "fatigue" (aka. adrenal dysregulation). Learn how to really rest and soothe your nervous system using the help of herbs for the spiritual heart, replenishing Kidney Qi tonics, calming adaptogens & nervines! These herbs will help you reduce anxiety, stress and return to your body so that you can put your own needs first and foremost.

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PEACEFUL HEART HERBAL FORMULA: I just discovered Peaceful Heart while going through a very stressful time in my life. The soothing, calming effect is almost instant. It is now my go-to anytime I feel anxious or have a stressful day. Thank you for this all natural anxiety reliever!


Elderberry Syrup Elderberry Syrup and LNG Ease is the best chest and cold Lung rattling cure that i have ever tried. My lungs were rattling and I was coughing and within one hour after taking these two products I felt so much better. I slept straight through the night that night without coughing.


Dancing Willows Teething gum rub saved our trip to New Zealand! 24 hours of travel with a sick kid can be really hard. This trip was not because it soothed our son so much. He loves the taste and it quickly and dramatically calms him down. Thanks a million for your help Dancing Willow!


Cornwall, England Retreat

May 8th-14th 2023, Co-led by our Owner, Elliott Brinkley

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