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We are widely known for our delicious and health promoting herbal teas. There's always a fresh pot at the shop or shop here!
Herbal Formulas
Our formula's are time tested. You'll find just what you're looking for and we also work with local doctors to create exactly what you need.


Our formulas are made in small batches with meticulously sourced ingredients in Durango, CO.


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PEACEFUL HEART HERBAL FORMULA: I just discovered Peaceful Heart while going through a very stressful time in my life. The soothing, calming effect is almost instant. It is now my go-to anytime I feel anxious or have a stressful day. Thank you for this all natural anxiety reliever!


Elderberry Syrup Elderberry Syrup and LNG Ease is the best chest and cold Lung rattling cure that i have ever tried. My lungs were rattling and I was coughing and within one hour after taking these two products I felt so much better. I slept straight through the night that night without coughing.


Dancing Willows Teething gum rub saved our trip to New Zealand! 24 hours of travel with a sick kid can be really hard. This trip was not because it soothed our son so much. He loves the taste and it quickly and dramatically calms him down. Thanks a million for your help Dancing Willow!

Fire Cider - Dancing Willow Herbs Fire Cider - herbal formulas

Fire Cider

$ 28.00 USD

A spicy blend of organic herbs, spices and fruits that will blow your socks off and will keep what ails ya’ away this cold and flu season!

Ingredients: Garlic, ginger, onion, cayenne, turmeric, horseradish, jalapeno, lemon, orange, rosemary, raw apple cider vinegar and LOVE

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Herbs for Pain

Herbs for Pain

Winter is upon us! Here in Durango, we get out snow shovels and do a little snow jig as we kick our heals up and give thanks for the heavenly white crystals as they fall from the sky. OK. Let's be honest! This isn't everyone's idea of a good time and I totally understand, because with all this white goodness can come endless shoveling!! Aargh!...

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DIY Herbal Vinegars and Ginger Chews! Great Holiday Gift Ideas!

DIY Herbal Vinegars and Ginger Chews! Great Holiday Gift Ideas!

We are excited to share some fun DIY Holiday gift ideas. These Herbal Vinegars make a quick and elegant gift idea for any foodie friend or member of the family! Herbal Vinegars Elderberry VinegarIngredients:16 oz unfiltered apple cider vinegar1 cup dried or fresh elderberriesA fun jar or bottleFill & PourAllow to sit for 2-3 weeks and strain or give with the lovely berries still in the...

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Here's Your Your Healthy Holiday Gift Guide!

Here's Your Your Healthy Holiday Gift Guide!

The holidays are officially here and we have some ideas to make your shopping easier and to offer your loved ones gifts that truly keep on giving...think better health, earth friendly, local and wholesome!  For teachers, co-workers, white elephants, your mother in law, or someone who already has everything! Think tea! With gorgeous packaging, yummy flavors, and so many health benefits it's always a perfect...

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