Herbal Fitness

∙ Gear Up- Formulated with herbs that have been clinically proven to improve athletic endurance, improve lung capacity, decrease recovery time & strengthen adrenal function.

∙ Gear Down- Designed to take the edge off the day. Encourages relaxation and a restful night's sleep. Supports adrenal function.

∙ Easy Air- Helps to expand the bronchials and reduce constriction due to athletically induced asthma.

∙ High Altitude- Formulated for the athlete who is training at high altitude. Increases oxygen supply, expands 
the bronchials and fortifies red blood cells. This formula has been to Mount Everest and back!


∙ Muscle Release- Formulated to relieve muscle tension, strains, aches and over-exertion and neuro-muscu-lar related injuries.

∙ Mobility Tonic- This non-steroidal anti-inflammatory is used to relieve for achy joints, and tendons affected by arthritis and injuries.

∙ Arnica Products- Nature's most reliable herb for relief of trauma, bruising and muscle soreness.

∙ Fire & Ice Salve- This aromatic balm improves circulation to achy, sore muscles. (Our version of Tiger Balm)

∙ Saddle Soother- The ultimate in natural lubrication. Prevents chafing, making you more comfortable and less prone to saddle sores.