Blooming Rooted: Herbalism Retreat

Blooming Rooted

Herbalism Retreat with Dancing Willow Herbs

Summer Solstice ~ June 20th-23rd, Mancos CO

Blooming Rooted is a weekend immersion retreat where we will explore the intersection between the natural world and transformational healing.

Engaging with plants through intuition, science, breathwork, plant walks, creative expression, myth, medicine making and ceremony will open the gateway to an embodied knowledge of ourselves and the natural world.

Located in the high desert of Mancos, CO, Blooming Rooted Herbalism Retreat, is a sacred pause, where you can connect to the land, your body, likeminded community and medicinal plants. This retreat is for anyone interested in cultivating a connection with plants on a deep level and kindling transformational healing in their bodies and personal lives. Come let yourself be nourished by intimate safe community, organic local meals, herbal medicines, and nature. 

There are many ways of understanding medicinal plants. From classroom scientific learning, to intuitive connection, or plant walks in the field, we each have an affinity for how we want to learn about herbs. This retreat is centered around providing you with as many different approaches to making your own unique relationships with the plants as possible. An avenue from which we will explore our own inner world and creative expression. 

We are going to engage all of the senses in a multifaceted herbalism experience that will leave you awestruck by your own revelations, connections and relationships with medicinal plants and yourself.

Woven into the nurturing fold of our willow tree, you will have sacred space to feel into your individual passions, purpose, and points of healing. Under the influence of the Summer Solstice, our collective dreams will be amplified and held in cherished community. 

What you will gain from attending this retreat: 

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*The schedule is subject to change based on weather and collective energetics. :)

The Land: 

The retreat will be held at Deer Hill Expeditions Base Camp in Mancos, CO (20 minutes west of Durango). Located on 130 acres of meadowland and pinon juniper forest, we will be held by the Mancos River Valley and tucked up against the high desert Menefee Mountain. All activities will be held on site- either in the open and bright workshop room, in the grass underneath the cottonwood tree, or on the trails that traverse the land. There is also a sauna, swimming hole, and cozy lounging area. 

You have the option to camp on the land, stay in the bunkhouse, or get a private room. 

*Please note, this is a co-ed experience. The bunkhouse is female only, so we ask that men camp or get a private room. 


Pricing varies based on chosen accommodations.

Camping: $650 


Not included

Bunkhouse: $700


Not included

(Sold Out) Private Bedroom: $1275 


Offsite Accommodations: $575 


*Limited space available & filling up quick! If you would like to join us, simply purchase the retreat with your chosen accommodations- here! 

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Our Team: 

Elliott Brinkley

The retreat will be led and facilitated by Elliott Brinkley, clinical herbalist and owner of Dancing Willow Herbs apothecary. Elliott formulates handcrafted herbal products, works 1:1 with clients, and educates her community. She is a certified Clinical Herbalist with over 1400 hours of training from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, North American Institute of Medical Herbalism and the Acorn School of Herbal Medicine. With almost 10 years in professional herbal practice, she has the gift of conveying grounded clinical herbal strategies with everyday people, so that they can feel empowered to make informed decisions about their wellness. Her passion emulates beyond the clinical/scientific and weaves through the energetic nature of healing and the sacredness of connecting people to the Earth.

Blooming Rooted Retreat illuminates Elliott's love of bringing like-hearted people together to form a safe, deep community. Elliott was raised attending multiple retreats every year since before she could even walk. She learned from her uncle, breathwork teacher and leader, David Elliott, how to hold space for vulnerability and deep healing amongst large groups of people. Blooming Rooted will be a culmination of Elliott's love of emotional/energetic healing, combined with her love of the Earth and the medicinal plants. 

Eliza Rose Kane

A healer. A teacher of breathwork and creativity. A writer. & most of all, a thought provoker. Using breathwork meditation, movement and creative expression, Eliza plays with weaving together the esoteric and the scientific to create experiences that inspire people to dive into a deeper understanding of themselves and this world we operate in. 

The work Eliza shares, while fun, will push your capacity for growth, challenge your limiting beliefs and ultimately take you to a heightened level of awareness. Her goal is to help people feel safe and comfortable in their body, confident, connected, and full of possibilities.

Eliza and Elliott formulated their signature offering, Botanical Breathwork, during the pandemic when people needed, more than ever, to ground into the healing capacity of their bodies and the Earth. Weaving the essence of plants with the transformational practice of Breathwork allowed people to feel connected to themselves, an aligned community and herbal allies in a profound way. 

Eliza will lead Botanical Breathwork for the group, provide her intuitive wisdom throughout the weekend and assist in holding space. 

"Botanical Breathwork is DYNAMITE. Eliza + Elliott = MAGIC. Every time I’ve done Botanical Breathwork, joining live or on my own… I get a full body heat happening. A fire that runs through my whole body. You’ve both created a very potent container. I am in awe." -Marjorie C.

Calley Hoffman

The healing power of nature reconnected Calley with her true inner nature.

A while back, Calley was living a life quite disconnected from who she truly was.  Trying to find her place in soul sucking corporate jobs and moving through life based upon what our society was implying she should do and who she should be.  This eventually took its toll and her body began communicating that it was very out of balance, which led to making some difficult life decisions and eventually, thankfully, healing.

In the last few years, Calley has studied herbalism through working with Elliott at Dancing Willow Herbs and the School of the Sacred Wild. The herbalist path has deepened her relationship with Mother Earth and all of nature and sparked her passion in started her own healing business, the Harmonic Earth Sanctuary with her mother, Mona. 

Calley will support facilitations, share her wisdom throughout the weekend and assist in holding space for the group. 

Katie Terrell Ramos

Katie is a Mancos Colorado-based artist who lives on her lavender farm in the beautiful Southwest mountain desert. Katie’s known for her hand-carved rubber stamp picture book illustrations along with her colorful bandana collections. Her lavender farm, Mesa Verde Lavender, is known for their culinary lavender. In the summer, Katie tends to her 800 lavender plants and in the winter she writes and illustrates children’s books. Amidst all of this, Katie stays grounded with her cultivated Tea Ceremony practice. She loves serving tea for others and encouraging them to slow down, in order to connect with the wisdom of the tea plant, and the wisdom inside of them. 

Katie will be offering optional tea ceremony in the morning at the retreat, as well as helping hold space for the group. 

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"Attending Elliott's herbal classes was one of the best things I did for myself this summer. I have always been interested in herbal medicine, and Elliott's warmth and enthusiasm as she shared her knowledge about herbs, lifestyle, and bodily systems gave me the confidence to be able to dive deeper into one of my lifelong curiosities. I loved that we were able to taste teas, tinctures, and whole plants as a class--it was a multidimensional experience that helped me begin to create an individual relationship with each herb that we highlighted. I learned some truly fascinating fun facts this summer and have found so much joy in incorporating the new strategies and recipes that I learned in class into my weekly routines. It feels like Elliot's class has kickstarted a new era of self-care and herbal empowerment for me, and I can't wait for the next series!" -Caroline
“I am so appreciative for the classes I‘ve taken at Dancing Willow Herbs. Through Elliott’s lighthearted, interactive, and wisdom packed classes, I’ve become better at understanding the fluctuating processes of my body, which were a complete mystery to me before! Now I have an understanding of which herbs and lifestyle adjustments I should take to bring balance to my system and enhance my optimal wellness. I highly recommend her classes for anyone who wants to grow their knowledge of herbs and health. Thank you Elliott and the wonderful team at Dancing Willow Herbs.” -Melissa
“The herbal education classes at Dancing Willow were fantastic. I signed up for the series on a bit of a whim but am so glad that I did. Elliotts energy and knowledge about herbs and their healing powers is incredible. Every class was filled with information about fascinating herbs and how best to incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle. Her passion for teaching really made the class enjoyable. I will certainly be including more of these herbs, and what I learned about herbalism, into my daily life. Definitely looking forward to more classes in the future." -Will
"Elliott has a gift of explaining the properties, uses, and benefits of plants in a way that makes it easy to understand and apply. Elliott is very knowledgeable in her profession as a Clinical Herbalist and is passionate about sharing her gift with others. I always walk away from her classes with so many great nuggets of information and I am excited to use this new knowledge to improve my overall health and well-being. Thank you, Elliott." -Johhnie
“To know Elliott, is to be in the presence of a true Healer. She lives by her values, her beliefs, her passions, her integrity and by her love of nature and life… She encompasses all that Herbalists have been, are and will be.” -Jenny