About Us

 About Dancing Willow Herbs

Dancing Willow Herbs is an independent woman-owned herbal apothecary nestled in the beautiful Animas Valley of Durango, Colorado. We offer the finest selections of ethically wildcrafted and organically grown herbs and herbal products in the Southwest region. We are committed to providing herbal preparations of the highest quality, with an emphasis on sustainably organically grown herbs and indigenous plants of the Southwest. We make all of our Dancing Willow Herbs products in our laboratory, located in the back of our downtown Durango shop.
We seek to provide a space where others can convene in healing, wellness and connection to the Earth under the haven of Dancing Willow Herbs. Through impeccably high quality handmade herbal products, genuine customer service, herbal and wellness education and engagement with the community, the branches of Dancing Willow Herbs feel like a warm hug- from us to you. 
We are committed to providing herbal medicine and education to the community and beyond in order to facilitate a world where people are connected to the Earth, the plants, and their bodies- and are healthier as a result. 

Our Team

Owner: Elliott Brinkley

Elliott Brinkley, began her professional herbal journey working at Dancing Willow Herbs in 2015. As the head medicine maker, Elliott developed a catalog of knowledge and personal relationships with the herbs that she worked with daily. In addition to her hands on experience, Elliott is a certified Clinical Herbalist with over 1400 hours of training from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, North American Institute of Medical Herbalism and the Acorn School of Herbal Medicine. 
Elliott is a leader, teacher & writer dedicated to empowering others to make informed decisions about their wellness. She has the gift of bridging the luminosity in nature and the individual personalities of plants through her deep understanding of plant constituents, herbal actions and intuitive/emotional support of developing plant allies. As a vitalist herbal practitioner, Elliott focuses on therapeutics that work with the body’s natural processes and support its innate gravitation toward healing. 
“To know Elliott, is to be in the presence of a true Healer. She lives by her values, her beliefs, her passions, her integrity and by her love of nature and life… She encompasses all that Herbalists have been, are and will be.” -Jenny Marx, Clinical Herbalist

Our Manager: Jenny Marx

Jenny Marx has been the manager at Dancing Willow Herbs for nearly 7 years now. She originally came to Durango in 1994 and instantly fell in love with the mountains, the magical blue sky, the Colorado lifestyle and the Durango community. While studying Biology at FLC she also discovered Dancing Willow Herbs, her first introduction to herbal medicine, which ultimately changed the course of her life. She eventually left Durango to explore Northern California and became a certified Clinical Herbalist through the Berkeley Herbal Center. She visited Durango often, and her first stop was always the Herb shop. 
After too many years away, Jenny decided it was time to move back to Durango and serendipitously found a job opportunity at Dancing Willow Herbs! She has since been the manager, and is often the face that will greet you in the shop. She prides herself on astute knowledge of plants, our formulas and working directly with people who find themselves in the warm embrace of our herbal apothecary. 
It is nothing short of a dream come true for Jenny to be an integral piece of her favorite precious herb shop while being in service and gratitude always to the beloved Durango Community.
In the day to day, Jenny works in the front of our shop helping customers, boxing orders, filling formulas, and doing so many crucial behind the scenes tasks that ensure our business runs smoothly! 

Our Lab Manager: Brady Wilson

Brady Wilson, born and raised in the heart of the Rockies, is honored to serve as Lab Manager and Medicine Maker at Dancing Willow Herbs.  Often found barefoot in the forest, singing with the birds and babbling brooks, he has a lifelong love affair with the earth and her abundance.  Limelighting as a Yoga Teacher, and special events DJ, he lives the life he loves, and loves sharing it with others.  Whether with movement, sound, or plant-based alchemy, his works exemplifies his devotion to the healing arts.  Brady believes in the innate regenerative and creative capabilities of the human being, and that the gifts nature provides hold the keys to help us unlock that potential.  It is with this spirit that he humbly prepares the remedies available to you on our shelves.

In the day to day, Brady makes tinctures, salves, medicinal oils, and all of the other products we sell in the shop! 

Our Willow Team Member: Calley Hoffman

A Seeker at heart, Calley, is re-learning how to deepen her relationship with and to be of service to, Mother Earth, through her continual self-development and holding space for others in our path of remembering. Currently apprenticing with School of the Sacred Wild, she is finding much fascination and joy in communing with the plants and deepening her understanding and connection to the cycles of nature. She hopes to invite a warm, welcoming environment to discover and learn about the plants in the shop and how to best support yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In the day to day, Calley works in the front of the shop, taking care of customers, boxing orders, making teas, bottling and labeling formulas and connecting with the people who walk in our door. She even has one day in the lab where she helps Brady concoct other herbal products!      


Our Founder: Debra Swanson

Deb Swanson founded Dancing Willow Herbs 30 years ago and created all of the original products. She introduced herbalism to a sleepy western town and supported her community as a clinical herbalist, dedicated business owner and inspired teacher of plant wisdom. Her legacy will continue in the quality of our products and our commitment to whole health and healing.

Anytime you purchase something from our little herbal apothecary, you are supporting each of us to live in alignment with our dreams and purpose of bridging plants and people. We feel grateful and deeply honored to provide handcrafted healing products, education and personal empowerment so that you may feel healthy and better connected to the Earth. 


Thank you for being a part of this community and for feeding the hearts and passions of this small team.