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Herbal Love!

Herbal Love!

When the temperature is bitter cold outside we find ourselves retreating to the refuge of home and heart. Like a cat looking for warmth in a sunny window, the warmth of a deep heart connection and the heat of deep passion can often remedy the cold of the winter months. Valentine’s Day falls at an opportune time of year, when one is seeking the fires of passion in the middle of the frozen winter. Love, passion and liberated sexuality is good any time of year, but the present calls forth! in the herb shop, issues of sexuality come up often. Hormone balancing, low sex drive, the need for lubrication, and just plain old questions of what is fun, are but of few of the issues we hear about on a regular basis. We have formulated products to fill the many needs of our customer. 

Here are a few of our notorious (and very popular) items……

Women's Replenishing Oil: A healing and soothing oil that replenishes sensitive vaginal tissue. Use it as a lubricant or daily restorer. This formula is so popular we have many of our local naturopathic physicians and gynecologists sending women in for this tissue repairer

Pleasuring Balm: Yep, you know it! We recently received a phone call from a women who swears that this is the best thing since sliced bread. She shared details that i blush over even as I write this article .Needles to say … its warming and tingly and tastes so good! Apply it anywhere you fancy!

Damiana Love Cordial: This yummy, syrupy cordial is made of damiana infused brandy with honey, vanilla, cinnamon and clove. It’s delicious sipped or mixed  with wine or your favorite cocktail, or simply stirred into sparkling water.  This Dancing Willow favorite is reported to to put a saunter in your step and a groove in the bedroom.


A bit more about Damiana

Looking for a gentle natural way to help you or your lover get in the mood this Valentine’s Day? Damiana is what you need. A low lying yellow flowered shrub that ranges from south Texas to South America, Damiana has sexual healing roots that date back to the Mayans. Prepared in tea, liquor, or in a gentle smoking blend, Damiana can calm anxiety and depression, bring a sense of open hearted ease, and enhance sexual desire and stamina by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the pelvic area. Spiritually Damiana has grounding and centering properties that arise from its ability to open and activate the root chakra. Get your romantic juices flowing this Valentine's Day with a little Damiana! 


Here’s a simple recipe that’s healthy, tasty and..…..exciting. Make it soon for someone you love!
Damiana Nettle Pesto
Damiana 1 cup
Nettles 1 cup
Cashews 1 cup
Garlic 1 clove
Olive Oil ½ cup
Sea Salt ½ tsp.
Lemon juice ½ lemon
Rehydrate the dried nettles and damiana with boiled water. Use enough water to cover the herbs plus a smidge. Blend all ingredients in blender.