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An Herbal Protocol for a Strong Immune System

An Herbal Protocol for a Strong Immune System

Are we a little better these days? I think so! We are eagerly moving into January with hope and good intentions! I'm not much for resolutions, as they tend to fizzle out on me, and I'm not alone. Studies show that more than 80% of us have ditched our 'resolutions' by Feb 1. But I find this to be very interesting...studies also show that almost everyone has goals that are related to dieting and weight loss.  And then we abandon those goals pretty quickly. Hmmmm. Something is wrong with this picture. 


Good health looks so many different ways and is certainly not a reflection of a body type. We are harder on ourselves than we need to be, and as someone who has made it my life's work to pursue the connection between our healthy bodies and the plant world, I have some really good news for you. It could even be a new years resolution if you're still in the market for one. Instead of dieting and depriving yourself, make a decision to do this one simple and yummy thing. 


Add more plants to your diet. 


Don't focus on depriving yourself, focus on abundance! Add more greens, more hearty soups, more fragrant herbs and more roasted rooty goodness. Add more tangy pestos, bright teas, and more vibrant salads. Think of it as a gift and not a 'sentence!' Pretty soon it will become a habit and will likely replace something in your diet that wasn't so healthy. This is how we win the 'resolution' game! With 'plenty' rather than scarcity. I can promise that eating more plants will make you FEEL better and that your body will respond in kind. 


Here is the other thing that is really on our minds at the shop right now. Covid has made a strong come back in our little mountain town and all around the country. We've been open through it all and serving lots of people everyday. At the very beginning we recommended a daily protocol to help create a super strong immune system. We are really happy to say that it has worked and we are feeling better than ever with no colds, flu or illness. It's such a simple thing to add to your day that I'd like to share it again! And it fits with the theme of adding abundance (and plants) to your health routine, rather than taking away!


So, not to beat a dead horse, but let's make our bodies a fortress with an immune system that stands guard against unwanted colds, flus and viruses. This daily protocol will not just stimulate your immune system but will build and strengthen it while also benefitting your adrenals, your respiratory system, and circulation. 


The Dancing Willow Daily Protocol for the Immune System


Vitamins C & D

Elderberry (see below)


Fire Cider

Reishi Vitality*


That's the all star line up that you'll find on my kitchen counter!


*Here is a bit more about Reishi and our newest formula. Reishi mushrooms are known to protect and promote healing against a bounty of pathogens. They are strengthening to the immune system, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, stress reducing and support the nervous system, lungs, kidneys and liver. They are the ultimate adaptogen in their ability to strengthen and restore function. Reishi mushrooms offer restorative hormonal balance, and regulate activity of the immune system. Most people report improvements in their energy levels, mental focus and mood while also experiencing a reduction in aches, pains, allergies, digestive issues and infections. Our new formula, Reishi Vitality, includes reishi, codonopsis, licorice and astralagus for a complete and powerful herbal supplement. We can't keep it in stock and are getting amazing feedback! We received feedback from a women in her late 70's who contracted Covid and experienced very few symptoms and a rapid recovery while taking this formula every day.


So here's a challenge! I would like for all of you to add more plants to your diet and to try the daily protocol for at least a month. And I want to hear from you. Reply to this email and let us know if you are in! (Because another reason that resolutions fail is because there is lack of accountability.) Invite a friend to join you and perhaps consider sharing recipes or making double batches of soup...whatever it takes, but please let us know if you've been a bit inspired to embrace our plant allies in the new year. We'll be cheering for you!


And honestly, we just want this Covid business to go on its merry way...and when we are whole and healthy with activated immune systems, we aren't a good host, so join us in the protocol, too. We believe that we are always better together!