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Our Proven Herbal Solution for Allergies, Smoke and Easy Breathing

Our Proven Herbal Solution for Allergies, Smoke and Easy Breathing

Our Proven Herbal Solution for Allergies, Smoke and Easy Breathing! 

On these smoke filled days when the air feels like it is full of pitch, I draw upon my experiences with a number of herbs for the respiratory tract. Yerba Santa is a tried and true favorite. Although drying, it helps to break up thick gooey mucus. Years ago when life afforded me the time to explore the south west looking for these plant gems, I came upon Yerba Santa on a dusty mining road in Arizona. At first glance, I thought I was looking at a hedge of rosemary, but on further inspection I lit up when I recognized Yerba Santa. With it's dark leathery leaves, tinged with golden pollen, I too soon looked like a bumble bee covered in a yellow hallo of sweet dust. 
Excited to process this remarkable herb, I set to work snipping and chopping soon to find my snips sluggish with tar and my fingers black with pitch. The language of this sticky plant seemed to speak of the way in which it liquifies sticky mucus that constricts our mucus membranes. This plant said to me "I am here to help you get unstuck. I will expand your lungs so you can breath freely and soften your heart center so you can feel freely. I will allow you to open to heavenly grace so you can heal the limitations of past trauma with ease."

Our breath is the initiator of this moment and with each moment  we get to start anew. This breath leads to the next breath as we release our grief and become present into this emotional moment.

Yerba santa leaves warm and stimulate the respiratory system; reduce inflammation in the sinuses, throat, and lungs; and dry excessive secretions of the lungs or upper respiratory tract. Take the leaf tincture to relieve chronic asthma, bronchitis, or seasonal allergies accompanied by copious and easily expectorated mucus discharge, but keep in mind that Yerba santa leaves can be very astringent. Taken in small doses, you will find that Yerba santa first gently dries and then remoistens and refreshes the mucous membranes.

The cooled tea or the tincture in room temperature water speeds the healing of urinary tract infections characterized by mucus discharge. The tea drunk hot or the tincture in hot water promotes sweating and increases circulation to the extremities and the surface of the skin.

Also known as consumptive’s weed, Yerba santa leaf has a history of use for treating tubercular cough and wasting away. Its high flavonoid content, represented by its sweet taste, points to its ability to nourish, build, and maintain the integrity of tissues.

Yerba santa has a very interesting taste characteristic—it starts out bitter and slowly gets sweeter. It teaches us how to find sweetness in the bitter experiences of life by bringing awareness to the initiatory power of trauma. In a similar way through its association with fire, Yerba santa aligns us with the myth of the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Burn the leaves as smudge to purify spaces and to clear heavy or dark energies from people. Crush the leaves and add them to herbal smoking mixes to help clear mucus from the lungs.

For our readers from far away, the fire just north of Durango continues to grow with strong winds and no rain in the forecast. 

With fire season upon us, it's comforting to know that Mother Nature has provided plant allies to comfort and support our respiratory system.

Many of you have asked what can we do to improve our breathing and to prevent respiratory distress during this daunting fire season. Where ever you are, if the air quality is poor, we have several formulas that can offer support, Breath Freely and Easy Air. Both help to open up the bronchioles and reduce inflammation. My other piece of advice is to stay hydrated!! Here in the southwest it is hot and dry and mucus membranes dry out. With the added irritation of smoke, we need to look to our demulcent herbs like marshmallow root and mullein. Both, drunk in copious amounts, can help to coat and protect inflamed mucus membranes. Please feel free to call or come by if you have questions. A huge thank you to all out there fighting these fires and our thoughts and prayers got out to those who are displaced.

In your kneck of the woods you might just be experiencing nasty allergies. If this is the case, we've got you covered, too!

Our herbal formula, Aller-Relief is a shop favorite! 

This is a non-steroidal herbal formula which neither overly stimulates nor puts you to sleep as so many formulas do. It has been formulated with the mechanism of offering symptomatic relief of all the nasties that accompany allergies and to address the cause of allergies in our bodies. Using herbs that help support detoxification, eliminate a histamine reactive, reduce inflammation in mucus membranes and protect from secondary infections, Aller-Relief is a hard hitting herbal formulation that soothes and promotes healing in one fell swoop!

Just Say NO to racy over the counter medications that neither support nor nourish! There's a reason Aller Relief is one of our all-time best sellers!

Many people look for herbal remedies that are particular to their area. This formula can be taken anywhere in the world and will soon become your go-to when allergies strike!

Here's a question we get all the time! Exactly when is allergy season?

Here's a very basic answer!

Winter Allergies include mites and dander

Spring Allergies include tree and shrub pollination

Summer Allergies include grasses and flowers

So the answer....year round! Sorry! :)

Reduces hay-fever symptoms, runny nose and itchy eyes. Useful for pollen and animal allergens.

Contains: Yerba Mansa, Yerba Santa, Ambrosia, Oregon Grape and Nettles

Without a doubt, this is one of our most popular, best-selling formulas.