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Peaceful Heart Mocktail

Peaceful Heart Mocktail

Do you get home in the evening and have a difficult time winding down? Struggle with stress, anxiety or overwhelm? This nervine infused spritzer will be a refreshing recipe to lean on to reduce stress, restore your nervous system, and hydrate after a long day. The recipe features our best selling product, Peaceful Heart- a blend of herbs that reduce stress, anxiety & adrenal fatigue. It also contains Tart Cherry juice which has naturally occurring melatonin to help you sleep more deeply and relax for the evening as well as minerals that restore a depleted nervous system & hydrate you on a cellular level. 

What is Peaceful Heart?

Peaceful Heart is an herbal tincture blend of 3 herbs: Skullcap, Motherwort & Milky Oat tops. Blended together, these herbs create a multifaceted yet simple formula that addresses symptoms of stress, anxiety & overwhelm.

About the herbs

  • Skullcap, Scutellaria lateriflora- This herb is like a weighted blanket. It helps reduce racing or circular thoughts and promotes a sense of grounded calm. It is an excellent nervine for acutely shifting one into a rest & digest nervous system state.
  • Motherwort, Leonurus cardiaca- The latin name for Motherwort, Leonurus cardiaca, means "Lion Heart". Motherwort helps to calm a racing heart, tightness in the chest associated with anxiety and provides us with a sense of Lion Hearted courage.
  • Milky Oats, Avena sativa- Considered a nervous system trophorestorative, Milky Oats are perfect for those who have experienced long periods of stress. It helps nourish the adrenals & regulate an overactive stress response. *We tincture the fresh oat tops during their milky state to preserve these nourishing constituents.

The Impact

Peaceful Heart tincture is infamous in our community. We have received hundreds of testimonials with stories of folks who have found the stress and anxiety reducing effects to be distinct and powerful. People have even shared that Peaceful Heart saved their life when going through a really difficult time. Messages and feedback like this give us such a rewarding sense of purpose. It validates that our formulas are making an impact in peoples lives and in the world. It is why we do what we do!

Is Peaceful Heart right for me?

Stress & Anxiety

Peaceful Heart is indicated for anyone who experiences stress, helping rewire a propensity toward a sense of calm. It is also beneficial if you experience anxiety or panic attacks. For both of these situations, it is helpful to take Peaceful Heart on a regular basis to promote a soothed nervous system state to lessen the likelihood of heightened stress & anxiety. You can also take Peaceful Heart during an acute situation of stress, anxiety or panic.

Nervous System Dysregulation/Adrenal Fatigue

Because of its ability to not only support a calm state, but also to replenish the nervous system & adrenals, Peaceful Heart is an indispensable ally for adrenal fatigue/dysregulation. Especially indicated for situations where you feel tired and wired, or have a challenging time relaxing in the evening. For this situation, taking Peaceful Heart on a daily basis will be necessary to replenish & restore. Learn about other ways to manage burnout in this blog post!

Digestive Issues

The root of many digestive issues is stress. When our nervous system is revved up to run away from the bear (aka- stressful situations), our digestion slows down to conserve energy. The herbs in Peaceful Heart are also considered bitter, which help stimulate the secretion of gastric juices, enzymes & bile to better digest and emulsify our food. If you struggle with digestive issues like constipation, gas/bloating, or stomach aches, you may experiment with taking Peaceful Heart before meals. Ideally, you would like the Peaceful Heart 20 minutes before your meal, or make this mocktail recipe to drink while you cook dinner!

Difficulty Staying Asleep

While our Sleep Deep tincture is a more heavy hitting formula for making you fall asleep, Peaceful Heart can be more specifically indicated for those who have a challenging time staying asleep. Because our Sleep Deep tincture contains more sedative herbs, if you wake up in the middle of the night or early morning, it may cause grogginess the next day if you take Sleep Deep to close to morning. For this situation, we have found Peaceful Heart to be an incredible formula for supporting those who wake up in the middle of the night or early morning hours- especially with racing thoughts. Peaceful Heart will help settle the mind, and ease you back to sleep in a way that shouldn’t lead to grogginess the next day.

Other Ailments

Because stress contributes to many so ailments, there are many other things that Peaceful Heart can be helpful for- such as balancing hormones, supporting thyroid function, regulating blood sugar, increasing cognitive capacity, and on and on. All in all, if you struggle with stress and you think it may be contributing to another ailment you are experiencing, you may decide to try this herbal formula. These herbs are considered very safe with minimal contraindications, but as always, check with your health care provider to assess if this formula is right for you.

Peaceful Heart Mocktail

This Mocktail recipe not only contains the nervine properties of the Peaceful Heart, but it also contains important minerals that support the adrenals and nervous system. When we are stressed our body burns through magnesium, potassium & sodium quickly. These minerals are critical for feeling our best and continue to maintain a soothed nervous system state. Coconut water is a great source of potassium, the salt added supports sodium levels & the tart cherry juice contains a little magnesium along with vitamin C & small amounts of melatonin. It is hydrating, refreshing & calming!

  • 1 cup Sparkling water
  • 1 cup Coconut Water
  • 1/4 cup Tart Cherry Juice
  • 1/2 of a Lime
  • 1/4 tsp Salt (Celtic Grey or Pink Salt)
  • 2-3 dropperfuls (60-90 drops) Peaceful Heart Tincture
  1. Add ice to a quart sized mason jar (or reduce the recipe by 1/2 and use a pint sized mason jar)
  2. Combine ingredients, stir, garnish with edible flowers or lime & enjoy!  

Learn More About Herbs for Stress & Anxiety

If you want to expand your knowledge on herbs & lifestyle for addressing stress, anxiety or nervous system depletion, participate in our class, Nervines: Herbs for Stress & Anxiety. 

In this class we will cover: 

  • Nervine herbs, nervous system trophorestoritive herbs, and adaptogens- when each is indicated and deep dive on our favorites
  • Lifestyle factors that can support a soothed nervous system state
  • Traditional wisdom on the ways stress & anxiety present constitutionally 

The live class will be on August 23rd from 6:15-7:30 PM at Dancing Willow Herbs. With the audio recording released the day after the live event, where you can listen back on your own time! Sign up here!

This is the last class in our Herbal Education Series, so be sure to join us!