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Sprains, Strains, and Herbal Remedies

Sprains, Strains, and Herbal Remedies

Bursitis? Tendonitis? No, not me! I have a race next weekend....We live in a town where people are super active and not much will slow them down. Folks are gnarly! They push past pain and keep on keeping on! HOWEVER!!!! When we are experiencing pain during exercise, it's a SIGN! :) It's your body saying slow down, listen and allow for healing! But here is the good news! Sprains, bruising, and tendonitis are all treated very successfully with a little TLC and herbal support. Read on!

Our tendons and ligaments are made of cartilage, which is strong and flexible. However, these tissues have little blood supply which complicates the healing process when injured. When injury does occur, there are enzymes secreted that soften tissue and allow for better blood supply. White blood cells go to the site of injury and surround the afflicted area causing pain and inflammation. This is a natural immune response and a good one, too! The body is saying, in the only way it can, "lay off!"

Over the years I have found one particular protocol to be specifically most effective for chronic sprains, tendonitis, (such as skier's knees), tennis elbow, musicians strained hands, and bursitis. This is Ultra Echinacea.

The trick to this treatment is using a high quality echinacea which is rich in the long chain starches called mucopolysaccharides. These starches greatly improve the flow of lymph and dead white blood cells from an area of injury and help with the circulation of inflammatory enzymes allowing healing to progress.

Tendonitis can be persistent and these tissues can be easily reinjured during the healing process, so limiting the use of affected area is paramount.

Dosage is as follows... 4 droppers of Ultra Echinacea 4x day for 8- 10 days then repeat after 1 week. You'll want to do this intermittent treatment until symptoms resolve.

In addition to using Ultra Echinacea internally, I have seen a dramatic reduction in inflammation from using an interesting folk remedy. I first came upon this remedy when reading the book Of Plants and Man by Maurice Messegue. He was a french herbalist to the King of France in the 40s and 50. He talks about healing the king's shoulder bursitis by wrapping it with bruised cabbage.  I was so fascinated by this that I had to try it my self! To my surprise, it really worked!

Here's how! Take a few large leaves of cabbage and bruise them. Then thoroughly wrap the pained area with the cabbage. Seal it with plastic wrap and leave it on over night. In the morning, bruising, sprains, inflammation may be greatly diminished. You may repeat this as often as necessary.  On a side note, cabbage is a wonderful healer for pulling out inflammation and moving lymph and is also used in treating mastitis in nursing mothers.