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Women's Change

$ 11.00 USD

This menopausal and peri-menopausal formula is useful for hormonal balancing, decreasing hot flashes, and mood swings, and promoting a healthy uterus. Our powerful herbal formula works with your body to support and balance your body during this hormonal shift. Hot flashes, weight gain, lack of libido, mood swings? Just say no! Women's Change to the rescue!

Contains: Chaste Tree Berries, Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Licorice, Oat Flowers, Don Quai, Sage, Dandelion, and Motherwort.

Testimonials: At 51, menopause snuck up on me. And then it pounced! Mentally I didn't feel a day over 25, so it was hard to wrestle with the very real symptoms of menopause. Terrible symptoms! Weight gain around my middle that was persistent and unresponsive to diet, a total lack of libido accompanied by physical changes to my once excitable parts, almost violent periods, and a flattening of my mood. What on earth? I was committed to a natural change without hormones, but something had to give! Hello, Women's Change Herbal Formula from Dancing Willow!!!!! It has balanced and greatly lessoned all of my symptoms. When I forget to take it, my body notifies me immediately!"