I purchased my first sample of the "Mobility Tonic" a few weeks ago for inflammation and arthritis pain in my hands. Within just a few days both the swelling and pain was greatly reduced. Within a couple of days of being off the tonic I would see the symptoms returning. Needless to say I am back on the "Mobility Tonic"! Yeah Mobility Tonic! -Barb Ricther

Sleep Deep Herbal Tincture
I use Sleep Deep every night. My issue is getting to sleep and then staying asleep. If I don't use the Sleep Deep I don't have a restful night. When I forget to take it before bed I get up again and take it because I know I will fall asleep within 15-20 mins. I now put my bottle in my bathroom and its right there ready for me to use. It works! -Joann T

Bug Be Gone

Bug Be Gone worked for our team on a mission trip in the Amazon Jungle! Everyone who used DEET was bitten and those of us who used Bug Be Gone were not. I'm really happy not to be putting poison on my skin. -Debra Baker 

Bone Mend 

The bone mend tincture has worked form the inside out! Thank you for that gift. I am not sure where i would be without it. -Andrea 

Herp Ease

This is an incredible formula and has replaced my use of pharmaceuticals!! I don’t have outbreaks anymore. I take it regularly and it has helped my overall Immune System. Thank you Debra! - Monique


 Consult/Respiratory Issues 

We started using D-Congest and Easy Air at the first sign of sinus problems. We used to get sinus infections 2-3 tunes a year and have had to use Anti-Biotics to get rid of it. I used to also get Pneumonia with sinus infections. Since using those formulas we no longer get sinus infections and I haven't had pneumonia in approximately 2 years. - Sue and Bill 


Gout Out

GOUT OUT! Excellent product! I found it via a flyer they put out and called an order in for a small bottle just to test its vitality for my need. I body test everything to see if it's good for my body & got a positive body response. Now I've ordered a supply to take back to Illinois with me. I haven't found anything like it & looked at other nutrition shops, online...etc... It sure beats the traditional remedy Docs prescribe & btw my uric acid level should be around or below 5 but my levels have been rising over the last two years to an 8 ... So next blood panel I will report my findings but meantime...it's good for my body!! 

Teething Gum Rub 

Dancing Willows Teething gum rub saved our trip to New Zealand! 24 hours of travel with a sick kid can be really hard. This trip was not because it soothed our son so much. He loves the taste and it quickly and dramatically calms him down. Thanks a million for your help Dancing Willow! -Kyla 

 Consult/Mobility Tonic 

I would like to recommend the mobility tonic for anyone experiencing joint/nerve pain. I smashed my finger and for 10 months experienced a sharp pain in the joints. Debra Swanson, clinical herbalist, gave me Mobility Tonic and Willow Bark. I noticed a great improvement within one week. When I woke up in the morning I could actually move my finger. -Julie

 Skullcap Tincture/ Anger/Irritability/Depression

I was skeptical about the effectiveness of natural medicine when I came to Dancing Willow Herbs for help. The Dancing Willow Team recommended that I try their skullcap formula for anger issues I was having. Wow! I am shocked at how it took the edge off my feelings of anger/irritability. I felt more myself in a short amount of time. Based on my experience with Dancing Willow Herbs I would now highly suggest anyone and everyone who is interested to check out what they have to offer.  -Alison