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Brain Tonic

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Brain Tonic: The ingredients in our Brain Tonic work in symphony to improve focus, support brain function, and enhance the quality of the systems to the brain, both vascular and circulatory. The brain is an organ that can be nourished and Brain Tonic does just that. Bacopa monnieri, a plant commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine, has an age-old reputation for being an effective and powerful herb helpful for memory and combating stress. Bacopa monnieri, known to most as Brahmi, acts as an adaptogen; which means it helps the body adapt to new or stressful situations and is often given to those suffering injury to the brain. Rosemary is a circulatory stimulate, Gota Kola taken over time, sharpens and heightens the senses and Ginkgo Biloba improves the quality of the vascular system to brain and slows down Alzheimers. This powerhouse combination of ingredients will nourish, support and enhance the one organ that is often completely overlooked and is certainly the most vital!