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Immense Defense

$ 12.41 USD

Immense Defense strengthens and stimulates the immune system, supports the liver and drains the lymphatics. Useful for colds, flus, bacterial and viral infections. 

Contains: Echinacea, Myrrh, Yerba Mansa, Milk Thistle, Red Root and Poke Root

I have been using Immense Defense for four years. A co-worker mentioned to me that she takes Immense Defense when she feels like she is catching a cold. I was skeptical at first, as I usually don't take anything when I am sick and just like to ride it out. From the first time that I started taking Immense Defense, I immediately felt a difference. My cold symptoms were diminished and the length of my cold was only a few days. After taking Immense Defense the first time I knew I had struck gold. Whenever I start feeling like I am coming down with something I start taking my Immense Defense. Thank you Dancing Willow for coming up with this product. I recommend this to anyone that I know that has a cold or mentions that they might be catching a cold. -Lori