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Sleep Deep

$ 11.00 USD

Promotes sleep. Useful for nervous insomnia and restlessness.

We just love the Sleep Deep formula! We both have the hardest time falling asleep and unwinding after a long day. As parent to an almost 2 year old we are exhausted, but can't unwind. 15 minutes after taking Sleep Deep we are both out like a light! All of Dancing Willow Herbs have been incredible.-Bonnie PHD 

I use Sleep Deep every night. My issue is getting to sleep and then staying asleep. If I don't use the Sleep Deep I don't have a restful night. When I forget to take it before bed I get up again and take it because I know I will fall asleep within 15-20 mins. I now put my bottle in my bathroom and its right there ready for me to use. It works! - Joann T