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All Natural cleaners with Essential Oils

All Natural cleaners with Essential Oils

An all natural home is easily attainable, just take it one little step at a time! We encourage you to take a look at your cleaning essentials. Because if they’re on hand and they’re naturally powerful, you’re more likely to use them. It feels good to know that you’re cleaning with products that continue to purify long after you apply them. The beauty of make-your-own cleaning products is that you need very few ingredients. And once you have them, they’ll last and last and last and you’ll smile with contentment knowing that the initial investment has paid off ten-fold.

Firstly, find yourself some spray bottles. Perhaps you have some under the kitchen sink that are almost empty and can easily be re-filled. Next you’ll need white vinegar (of the cheap, not-fancy kind), bi-carb soda, castile soap (I prefer Dr Bronners) and a range of essential oils. Quality essential oils are potent cleaners and purifiers as many of them are antibacterial and antiseptic. They are also safe pesticides with the ability to keep bugs and rodents at bay.

I suggest the following antibacterial oils if you’re just starting to build your essential oil collection: eucalyptus peppermint lemon wild orange tea tree/melaleuca Exact recipes aren’t necessary as it really is a case of mixing water, vinegar and the oils of your choice.

However, if you’re feeling hesitant, this is what we do:

All purpose cleaner: half a bottle of cooled boiled water + 1/2 cup vinegar + 5 drops of eucalyptus + 5 drops of tea tree + 5 drops of lemon

Bathroom cleaner : 1/2 cup vinegar + 2 tbsp bi-carb soda + cooled boiled water: mix essential oils of choice with bi-carb soda and enough water to make a paste and store in an airtight glass jar

Mold remover : spray the affected area with a mix of water + vinegar + bi-carb and then wipe tea tree or lemon (or all three) on the area.

Diffusing oils in the room will also help to kill air-borne spores. We have the oils here waiting for you! Happy Cleaning!