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Bug Be Gone All Natural Bug Spray

Bug Be Gone All Natural Bug Spray

At Dancing Willow Herbs We Love Summer

In Colorado, we eagerly await the summer months. It's when our precious herbs, plants, and even our beloved weeds spring into their full vigor. We offer the finest selections of ethically wildcrafted and organically grown herbs and herbal products in the Southwest region. We are committed to providing herbal preparations of the highest quality, with an emphasis on indigenous plants of the Southwest. Whenever possible, our herbs are harvested locally. We heart plants. We really, really do.

Through our monthly newsletter we always strive to bring information that you can put to use in your daily life to enhance your health and well-being. If you haven't met our bug spray today is the day. We get remarkable feed back about it because it works so darn well. Lucky for us, Deb almost got eaten alive back in '91. Read more below!

The Bug Be Gone, our all natural bug spray, has been flying out the door! As soon as we make a fresh batch, BAM, word gets out and we are making more. A women came up to the counter the other day with two 8oz bottles in hand. I began to chat with her, curious about her experience using Bug Be Gone. She told me that her husband, a forester at Mesa Verde, loves the stuff! He claims, “ It’s the only thing that seems to repel the mosquitos and the very pesky juniper gnats.” 

Another gal, with 4 bottles in hand, was buying one for herself to replace the one her daughter had taken and the rest to give as gifts. A local Mom was preparing her daughter for the boundary waters. and then there is the Durango woman who runs a summer camp and swears that it’s the only bug spray that REALLY works and that you can feel good about spraying all over a bunch of children! The testimonials keep coming on this product and it’s something we feel really good about.

I developed this product because of my own personal dealings with bugs. I am a magnet! They love me! When I was in herb school, much of my training revolved around hands-on experiences in the field. It was this time of year in June of 1991. I was on a road trip through the Ozarks with my class of 30 students, all caravanning. We started in Silver City New Mexico, meandered across Colorado and into Kansas, then on to Arkansas and Oklahoma. I had my old Datsun pickup tricked out with bed in back, a cooler, shovel and snips. Each day was filled with plant walks, lectures, processing plants into oils, tincturing and fabulous community dinners. I was in hippie heaven, living the dream surrounded by adventure, friends and plants! 

All was good until we hit Arkansas, the land of chiggers, mosquitos, ticks and poison ivy. Yep, you know it. With all the enthusiasm of an idealist, the itching began. I had always been a magnet for itchy, biting things and it seemed that I was to be the sacrificial lamb on this journey. First the mosquitos, then ticks, and to top it all off with the creepy crawlies there were insidious little chiggers. I soon learned that clear nail polish on chigger bites suffocated the bugs and to check all manner of body parts for ticks, and to never crawl into my sleeping quarters with out careful preening. However, if I ate large amounts of garlic and took B12 and rubbed yarrow all over my body I would simply just stink and the only thing I was repelling was other human beings. So began my mission to create a bug repellant that works effectively, is safe for people and the environment, and is pleasant to wear.  

Here we are now, more than a quarter century later and much the wiser for it! I am committed to the plight of those in need of a safe and reliable bug spray, a spray that can journey into bug infested lands with confidence! With diligence, trial and error, and persistence I have developed the bug spray of all bug sprays… an essential oil rich formula that smells good, feels good and keeps those nasty biting creatures at bay. 

Bug be gone is time tested with proven ingredients including nepetalactone, which is 10 times more effective than Deet, in a cooling, soothing base of aloe vera and witch hazel. 

Be prepared for come what may and get yours today! Drop by the shop or order online right here

We are a happy part of your bug free summer!



Dancing Willow Herbs

June 2016