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Herbs for Stress and Anxiety

Herbs for Stress and Anxiety

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Everything is in Flux

No day can possibly be the same. The moon waxes and wanes, children grow, seasons change and life goes on as usual. Usual being a relative term. Here's a quick snapshot of my life. I have a garden that’s overgrown, which could be a good thing. I have a daughter going into 8th grade. I’m running a business with employees who come and go, and the list of responsibilities never seems to end. I'm sure you have a similar hamster wheel in your life. And the truth is, it's normal.....this crazy life. And that means that stress is something we have to manage, so that it doesn't take over and try to drive the bus, so to speak. 

As a clinical herbalist and shop keeper, the PRIMARY question I get is "What do you have for stress?"

Luckily, the plant world abounds with soothing, nurturing herbal solutions to sooth broken hearts, to calm frazzled moms, and take the edge off of crazy days and sleepless nights. Stress. Life and stress go hand in hand…be it the good, bad or ugly. Say hello to Peaceful Heart.

This DWH product has a rich and deep history and has been a best friend to many for decades. The formulation is spot-on and was born to fill a deep need. I was 28 and trying to figure out life, torn in many directions and searching for both grounding and lifting. After an anxiety attack,this formula was created while on a road trip (always a metaphor for the journey and I've mentioned it here before!) filled with both stress and growth. People count on this tincture. You might find it useful if you are experiencing angst, aren’t able to focus, or need grounding. Do you desire strength to face confrontation? Motherwort, one of the primary ingredients, grows abundantly and is a massive plant. This mother herb wraps her arms around you…its all ok, darling, slows the heart rate, gets rhythm more sequenced, and takes tension around the heart and solar plexus and diffuses it. Wild oats in the sweet milky stage before the kernal is formed, support the nervous system, and the mildly sweet taste helps nourish and fortify. Skullcap helps restore nerves themselves, aiding the myelin sheath around the nerves in recovery. Of course, you’ve heard the expression ‘frayed nerves’. They are a real thing.

Peaceful Heart is a standard in the shop. People come back for it, year after after, because life is daunting, and we could all use a little more peace and herbal reassurance. These simple yet powerful herbs are waiting to rescue you and fortify you for your everyday dealings with life and all that is has to throw at you! 

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