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Herbs for Sensitive Folk

Herbs for Sensitive Folk

Have things felt intense for you lately? Summer is ramping up with a collective energy that feels somewhat ungrounded. Most of the people around me, including myself, are at a crossroads of uncovering more authentic versions of ourselves and deeper levels of who we are meant to be in this world. While also navigating minor or major tragedy within intimate, concentric or collective circles. If you are feeling grief, indecisiveness or overwhelm, know that you are not alone. This world is a lot to navigate, but if you are here at this time- you are meant to be here and you have the capacity to hold it. 

I feel so grateful to have tools with which to process and integrate big emotions and intense energies. Working with the plants, spending time in nature, breathwork, meditation, creative expression, and aligned community have all allowed me to show up as a sensitive person in this world. I want to share with you the plants that I lean on when my heart feels tender and overwhelmed.

Herbs for when the world feels like a lot:

Hawthorn- Hawthorn is a tremendous ally for grief, overwhelm and emotional instability. Hawthorn is particularly helpful when you are in a life transition or liminal spaces. Because it is a tree, its roots act like an anchor, keeping us grounded amidst tumultuous energies and emotions. Like Rose, Hawthorn has thorns. But unlike the smaller thorns of Rose, Haw thorns are strong, sturdy, almost like little branches. Hawthorn is deeply protective, and these strong thorns hold space for us to feel our emotions in a way that is safe. 

Rose- Rose has a similar medicine to Hawthorn in that the thorns help us maintain proper boundaries and a sense of sanctity. While Hawthorn holds that space for us to feel our emotions, Rose holds space for us to feel ourselves. Rose kindles a connection with our authentic essence, so that we can be clear about who we are and what we are meant to bring to this world. Rose helps invoke a sense of romance with the world. Integrating the beauty of our surroundings as a mirror for our own inner spark of life is a gift that working with Rose can bring. The flower essence of rose is often used for apathy. If we stop and smell the roses, it brings us into deeper relationship with the world- and therefore, ourselves.  

Reishi- Reishi is a mushroom known for its array of medicinal benefits- like adaptogenic properites, immune, liver, brain support, and so on. However, on an energetic level, Reishi acts like a taproot. It helps us decend into our bodies so that we can be grounded, while also connected to our spirit. Reishi is perfect for folks who feel easily overwhelmed by the weight of the world, the noise of social media, and busyness of life. This sacred mushroom can help us regulate our nervous system, so that we can better hold capacity for how we want to show up in this world.

These are the herbs that make up my formula, Rooted Heart Elixir. This elixir was designed to help people who need support on an energetic level. Those who are experiencing grief, overwhelm, lack of self confidence, emotional dis-regulation, co-dependency and lack of purpose can benefit from working with these plants. I feel thrilled to report that it has helped so many people (including myself) during challenging times, and has been called an “herbal hug for the heart”.