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Herbs for Sexual Pleasure... Say Hello to Aphrodite's Delight!

Herbs for Sexual Pleasure... Say Hello to Aphrodite's Delight!

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Aphrodite, this formula’s namesake was the voluptuous goddess of victory, fertility, and sexual strength. Damiana, the primary ingredient in this best selling herbal formulation, has a longstanding tradition as a mood enhancer and erotic stimulant. It brings a subtle, yet profound effect of softening the edges and enhancing sensation. It allows one to sink into their deep sensuality as all senses are awakened. Touch is enhanced, and all the sense are heightened while feeling relaxed, open and receptive.

Taken as a daily tonic these herbs are restorative and soothing. When shared with a partner, they can be enjoyed as part of a loving ritual. Siberian Ginseng is an adrenal tonic and adaptogen, helping our bodies adapt to stress, while wild oats (avena sativa) are soothing and nourishing to the nervous system, high in calcium, and useful in restoring energy and reviving.

The sweet and spicy herbs in this formula work with the whole to create an exotic formulation that is pleasing to the tongue…tasty, warming, and slightly sweet. This enticing herbal elixir is a must have to add to enhance and strengthen love and romance.