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Herbs for Allergy Relief

Herbs for Allergy Relief

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Our herbal formula, Aller-Relief is a shop favorite! 

This is a non-steroidal herbal formula which neither overly stimulates nor puts you to sleep as so many formulas do. It has been formulated with the mechanism of offering symptomatic relief of all the nasties that accompany allergies and to address the cause of allergies in our bodies. Using herbs that help support detoxification, eliminate a histamine reactive, reduce inflammation in mucus membranes and protect from secondary infections, Aller-Relief is a hard hitting herbal formulation that soothes and promotes healing in one fell swoop!

Many people look for herbal remedies that are particular to their area. This formula can be taken anywhere in the world and will soon become your go-to when allergies strike!

P.S. Here's a question we get all the time! Exactly when is allergy season?

Here's a very basic answer!

Winter Allergies include mites and dander

Spring Allergies include tree and shrub pollination

Summer Allergies include grasses and flowers

So the answer....year round! Sorry! :)

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