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Women's Replenishing Oil

Women's Replenishing Oil

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Hello Ladies! Let's chat about our Women’s Replenishing Oil. It's a hidden gem that is both highly recommended by doctors AND a favorite for, well, personal reasons.

This product has been a longtime favorite in our community and is recommended by gynecologists, OBGYN, nurse practitioners and naturopathic doctors. This all natural oil helps rebuild and restore vaginal tissue. It plumps and soothes with non steroidal properties.

Elasticity is restored with use and it is prescribed for vaginal atrophy (we don’t prefer that medical term) as a restorative treatment. Unlike commercially available products, our replenishing oil is formulated with an all natural base rather than harsh chemicals. It is so nourishing that it is also used as a lubricant or pleasuring oil and we have it on good authority that it is a lovely product for your bedroom herbal apothecary. (but we don't recommended for use with condoms)

For business or pleasure, our women’s replenishing oil is a nourishing and lovely product! Order here!