Join us for Blooming Rooted, our Summer Solstice Herbalism retreat in Mancos, CO for a lifechanging, Earth honoring experience that deepens your connection with medicinal plants, yourself and aligned community!

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Upcoming Herb Classes!

Upcoming Herb Classes!

Stay tuned for three workshops that we are offering in the next few months. Save the dates and we'll keep you in the loop! 

Herbal Medicine Making: Oils, Liniment and Salves
September 28th 6:30-8 $38 includes a product to take home and a the basic knowledge to begin your own herbal medicine chest.

We hope you'll follow this up with

Herbal Tinctures: Making Tinctures, Syrups and Teas
October 5th 6:30-8 $38 includes a product to take home and a knowledge-base around many aspects of tincturing herbs and their many uses.

Sign up for both and get 10% off!

Herbs for Kids! We've had many requests and we are excited to offer this class! We will address colds, flus and restless nights and the many ways that herbs can be used to safely and effectively treat these familiar childhood maladies. Oct 19th 6:30-8 $25

Also coming soon are Aromatherapy Classes!