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Just say"NO" to hand sanitizer

Just say"NO" to hand sanitizer


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OMG To the FDA
"America is a nation of germaphobes, if the ubiquity of alcohol-based disinfectants like Purell is any indication. But the FDA is now wondering if your favorite pathogen-busting product is actually safe and effective." -Fortune Magazine

Does that bug you just a little? Since you are reading a newsletter from an herbal apothecary, we are betting that it does. We are probably 'preaching to the choir' here, but wouldn't you think that we would do this research BEFORE drenching a generation of kids in hand sanitizer. Not only are they not sure if it's effective, (duh) they are also now considering the fact that it is harmful. Wow. 

Of course, no one wants their child to be sick, but it is a part of the natural order and at what expense? A compromised immune system is a large price to pay in the name of superficial cleanliness.

Years before Purell was a thing, we developed an herbal formulation that fortifies the system and naturally handles harmful germs. It's not a wholesale germ killer with harsh and harmful ingredients, but a cleansing refresher with anti-microbial properties. 

Perhaps you might want a bottle for your littles or yourself, and we hope that you will kindly share with teachers and care givers the facts around hand sanitizer.

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