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Herbs for Pain

Herbs for Pain

Winter is upon us! Here in Durango, we get out snow shovels and do a little snow jig as we kick our heals up and give thanks for the heavenly white crystals as they fall from the sky. OK. Let's be honest! This isn't everyone's idea of a good time and I totally understand, because with all this white goodness can come endless shoveling!! Aargh! So my Christmas gift to you is a note about treating the aches and pains that come with extreme winter play as well as that pesky shoveling.

Let’s start with healing herbs for pain to take internally. Our Muscle Release Formula contains a perfect blend of these powerhouse plants!

  • Wood Betony: a predictable muscle soother for cramps & spasms
  • Pedicularis: soothes sharp muscle spasms & is similar to wood betony
  • Jamaican Dogwood: alleviates irritable nerve pain like sciatica and muscle spasms
  • Willow Bark: a herbal anti-inflammatory, it’s high in salicylic acid 
  • Valerian: a muscle sedative and nervous system sedative
  • Skullcap: a nervous system reparative good for pain that is aggravated by by stress 

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Here's a good list of Homeopathic's for Aches & Pains. 

Arnica 30c: for strains and bruising 

Rhus Toxicodendron 30c: for stiffness or arthritic pain that is relived by stretching and once you get moving.

Bryonia 30c: for sharp pain like a cramped neck that you are guarding with limited movement.

Sometimes it feels good to rub in some relief and this is a great idea. There is healing power in touch. We love these topical salves, oils and liniments.

Arnica Salve: penetrates deep into tissue and removes inflammation

Fire and Ice Salve: both hot and cool, it brings blood and circulation to tight, stiff muscles 

Lobelia Liniment: quick absorbing, it reduces inflammation and helps to relieve tight sore muscles

St John's Wort Oil & Liniment: good for bruised, sore muscles and helps to cool down inflamed nerves such as sciatica and neuropathy.

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