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After 27 yrs of practicing Herbalism & a Lifetime love of Astrology I am excited to integrate the two into my practice!
Give the gift of self discovery.
Synastry is the reading of astrological compatibility

After 27 years of practicing Herbalism and my ongoing love of Astrology I am excited to integrate the two into my practice. There is no greater gift than knowledge and self discovery. Much can be gained by an understanding of the astrological chart.

Astrologogy is the imprint of the planets on our being at the moment we were born. More than just the sun sign of pop astrology, the astrological chart is a multi-layered mandala: an intricate map of the planets & the stars in precise mathematical relationships. Simply speaking, astrology is a predictive science and the map of our soul. To me, it is a direct line to illuminating our life's purpose, and a path to self actualization. In my own life, I have used it as a means to understanding the patterns in my life within family, relationships, my gifts and my challenges.

As a Holiday launch, I am offering astrological relationship readings called Synastry. It is the way in which your chart and another (your partner, spouse, significant other, family member or anyone that you have a connection to that you would like to explore more deeply) blends and relates to each other. It can help answer some very important questions!
  • What are the primary issues between you and another?
  • How are they expressed?
  • What is the love language of one and other? How is it expressed.
  • How is the physical chemistry?
  • What is the nature of your communication.
  • What is the potential for conflict and success within the relationship.
  • And most importantly, how do we grow and learn to work within these possibilities with compassion and greater self awareness.
A Synastry Reading is quite complex, and I will need to review both charts to interpret the charts together.

To be accurate, your exact birth time will be needed as well as location & birth date. (A reading maybe done for those without exact birth time, but we will be leaving out house placement & its sphere of influence.)

Because of the time involved in my preparation, I am offering a special for a 1 hour reading. The discounted rate of $90 will apply for the first 7 clients. After this the price will be $135, still a great deal! 

This offer would make a unique and wonderful Christmas gift! I am so excited to combine my complementary passions and look forward to sharing how the planets and plants are intricately connected!

Please feel free to call the shop with any questions and watch for more info on the website!